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So This is what they Teach you. Industrial Song
I AM LiKE GOD Dubstep Song
MK-ULTRA.-- VICTIM-- Industrial Song
Too Many Times Dubstep Song
Another Version of your Lies Dubstep Song
DUB TECH in Da HOUSE Dubstep Song
"Dont think 4 ur Self" DUB/TECH/ACID (live) Dubstep Song
Burnt offering V-1.1 -2.35mins- Dubstep Song
(Beverly Hills Cop 2) - ACID _REMIX (2) (Cant make an omelet without breaking some eggs) House Song
Only The Goyim Will Be WATCHed Dubstep Song
Internal ChaoZ Techno Song
Time 2 Feed the Monster Ambient Song
Psychoanalysis & the Negative impact of technology Industrial Song
(Beverly Hills Cop 2) - ACID _REMIX Experimental Song
(Operation 40) ACID-REMIX (1st Half) Techno Song
Subverted Nations Industrial Song
(Operation 40) ACID-REMIX (KOsher Slaughter)- Techno Song
Resistance Industrial Song
"demonized species" ACID/ DUB/ DnB/ Abstract /Minimal Dubstep Song
ACID DnB Blast "IF THERE IS A HELL" (?) - Drum N Bass Song
RoLLING ACID ThUNDER.-(Plane JANE) version Techno Song
fORGIVE ME fATHER tHEY programmed mE tHIS wAYE tHIS wAY Ambient Song
SNYI-CATE-OF GO-D_54 Industrial Song
Sexual Cannibalism Experimental Song
Criminals of GOD - (Teckno dub) Dubstep Song
R.I.P EMX DIES Dubstep Song
THE ERODED FAITH Industrial Song
PsychoAnalYsiS Industrial Song
Mortal Substances Techno Song
MOFO- (BITCH MIX) lol Trance Song
Moral implications Experimental Song
Kosher Feeds X Industrial Song
"Brain Damage" (ACID DUB INDUSTRIAL TECKNO) Dubstep Song
tHe dAmagE is donE - V2.- Dubstep Song
Suspended Animation. Dubstep Song
dub TecH 23450 Dubstep Song
tHE dAMAGE IS dONE Dubstep Song
Detractors (6.55mins). Techno Song
MXR DIRT BOX ACID Session's (Future RETRO) belief system Techno Song
MRX ACID TEST mk2 Techno Song
Bringing down false gods New Wave Song
Abandoned Abused & ReBorn Industrial Song
Abandoned (Part 1) Dubstep Song
EMX2 got ur ? Dance Song
Cold Windy intro Ambient Loop
Death March Intro Ambient Loop
MOFO Techno Song
the final nail Miscellaneous Song
Absolute Obedience Techno Song
Live Set Teckno JJ 4of4 Techno Song
Live Set Teckno JJ 3of4 Techno Song
Live Set Teckno Jj (2of4 ) Techno Song
Live Set Teckno JJ 1of4 Techno Song
Are You Receiving (live) Techno Song
7 -jACKELs- Stripped Classical Song
In My Lonely Misery Industrial Song
i Feel Nothing. GOOD BYE Ambient Song
(Warm Up) 4 fxs of the weapons Techno Song
2 Oh So Yo -remix- Dubstep Song
Escape (full Version) Techno Song
PIGz That TROLL= ? Industrial Song
Misanthropy Cinematic Song
(Instrumentals) "If You Get a Techno Song
If You Get A Taste Fusion Song
The Decay of Life Industrial Song
Acid Dubstep Dubstep Song
Tunnel Vision Part-2 Techno Song
-VOLTAGE- Miscellaneous Song
RED-RUM Techno Song
DARK FUNK - live Demo - Techno Song
-Call me old Fashion- Dubstep Song
Above & Beyond Techno Song
-OUT Of REACH- Industrial Song
-Way of the World- Ambient Song
"He Barks I BITE" Techno Song
FXs of the Weapons Industrial Song
I was never really here Funk Song
DELUX 2nd version Industrial Song
Nothing Matters anymore Techno Song
Acid Dreamz Techno Song
Put The Knife 2 ur Neck" -2nd Dubstep Song
If I Start I Would Not Stop Techno Song
Mellow Please (DS-10) Chipstep Song
Just A Bullet in the Head Chipstep Song
Monkey NutZ (8-Bit) Chipstep Song
"YoU cAnT stOp Me" Industrial Song
UR Snippet 1&2(1st EDiT-)Acid Techno Song
ACID 4 the Sheepeople ;-) Techno Song

2014 Submissions

-Rise of the Black Sheep -.. Ambient Song
My Cold Dead Hands Industrial Song
Range of Resource's Ambient Song
Dont Believe the Lies whe Industrial Song
Operation 40 (Full Revision) Techno Song
Destroyer of Worlds (live) EMX New Wave Song
In Darkness i see the Light Ambient Song
just taking out the garbage Experimental Song
OPERATION 40 Techno Song
"WAR on EVIL" Experiment Experimental Song
The Heart you Ripped from me Industrial Song
How Long Techno Song
Mutual Assured Destruction Cinematic Song
When the Devil gets Loose Industrial Song
ITS NOT ME Miscellaneous Song
Lost But Not Forgotten Cinematic Song
Discover Rapture. Fusion Song
The Distance of Sufferings) Techno Song
degenerate generation.- Industrial Song
(EDiT 2).3.59mins-- Techno Song
Brain Warfare (acid Mix).. Techno Song
BASS junkie. Techno Song
EMX TeckNo 4mins Version Techno Song
ARBL Mellow version. Experimental Song
EMX TECKNO - 2134233 -live- Techno Song
Distort.4.10mins Industrial Song
Brain Bleeder Industrial Song
neew trax 2vnxn Techno Song
ReBirth -Rec43 Techno Song
Korg ESX- 3.36mins live 2nd Techno Song
xfasdghfhn-. (live) Techno Song
Power Drive (Acid) pt 1 edited Techno Song
Destroyer Ambient Song
Controll Ambient Song
Head PainZ. 3.42mins Techno Song
DISORDER Techno Song
ShAke dOwN ReMiX Techno Song
The Horror Industrial Song
Ya Hey -Mastered- Dubstep Song
Ya Hey Industrial Song
Shake Down Techno Song
Smuggler Industrial Song
You know what i mean Industrial Song
Sell your Soul Ambient Song
FORMULA Experimental Song
boss me50 acid test Experimental Song
Escape Techno Song
Poison Ambient Song
less then 20secs (test) Experimental Song
BLOOD CLOT Miscellaneous Song
Power Drive - Part 2 (live) Industrial Song
Power Drive - Part 1 - (live) Techno Song
165bpm azz beatz DnB MiX Drum N Bass Song
DEATH WALK Industrial Song
Abstract Live Session Video Game Song
Death-March Industrial Song
Untitled.. Fusion Song
Genetic. Miscellaneous Song
(ambient Acid) Yato Warlock Industrial Song
Yato War-lock- Fx- Miscellaneous Song
Gangsters Shadows Hip Hop - Olskool Song
Ego Trip (acid Tweak) Eletro J New Wave Song
Roof Top Dancer -REMIX- New Wave Song
-Addiction Management- Techno Song
One World View - Edited- Industrial Song
Roof Top Dancer (live) New Wave Song
2 Tribez Ambient Song
Relived Mellow Acid Tune New Wave Song
Burn in HELL Part 1 Industrial Song
Burn in HELL part 3 Ambient Song
" Defected " (live) Industrial Song
Many Men House Song
CUM ON F322 Ambient Song
CARLO Classical Song
Apocalypse FL? Techno Song
Addict 2008 FL8? Techno Song
Korg ESX Distortion Tune Industrial Song
Toxic Intent Nerdcore Song
Themanwholaughs (the Full Mix) Industrial Song
(the Full Mix) Wanted Dead Or Miscellaneous Song
Unknown Extended Mix (live) Trance Song
2009 Zyklon Acid (live) Industrial Song
Wanted Dead Or Alive 2.30mins Ambient Song
Acid Mix Wanted Dead Or Alive House Song
I Watch You Bleed (live) Dubstep Song
KorG AYBESS Ambient Song
Snake Head Bite Techno Song
The Meaning of Nothingness Industrial Song
BASS BLUES Miscellaneous Song
INFECTION Industrial Song
korg DS10 Won't let go Chipstep Song
EMX Jungle Mash Out Drum N Bass Song
Lost Days Chipstep Song
korg Ds10 Arctic Electro Chipstep Song
KORG DS-10 Industrial Chipstep Song

2012 Submissions

Teckno_Fun Techno Song
Acid_Wobble Techno Song
Toxic_Acid Techno Song
After_2Day-_Remix Dubstep Song
Industrail Acid Teckno Techno Song
Plasma_fusion Techno Song
-DXT- Industrial Song
-Fuck_U_2- Techno Song
Unknown_-_3mins_-44khz-. Industrial Song
12345_-__GO_-_44khz Techno Song
Kjiotugfdegfgfhgfdtyand%e Miscellaneous Song
Slow_Painfull_ Ambient Song
-Xintitled- Industrial Song
Korg 5th cut to 3mins Blues Song
Korg_6th_2.10mins. Miscellaneous Song
Buckkies Miscellaneous Song
Kill_Them_All Industrial Song
Leave The Planet Dubstep Song
KRK Dubstep Song
Shattered Thoughts Dubstep Song
God Industrial Song
Link Classical Song
Point_of_No_Return_ Techno Song
DnB on Korg SX (Live) Drum N Bass Song
SYSTEM_Revolt_Final_Mix Industrial Song
Vicky D Ambient Song
ds-10 - stuff Video Game Song
Moller Miscellaneous Song
H-20 Miscellaneous Song
Remix Stuff Miscellaneous Song
Acid-elite - Remix ... Techno Song
Acid-elite - Remix old Version Techno Song
ACID-ELITE Techno Song
-Destruction- Industrial Song
HD-25 -Remix- Dubstep Song
Fanken-=Castle Miscellaneous Song
-SFX- Industrial Song
One shot One Kill Ambient Loop
Re-Birth 2nd live Acid tune Techno Song
Attack - (Extended) Industrial Song
Disturbing Behaviour Miscellaneous Song
Lazer Express Techno Song
CZ-2000 Miscellaneous Song
Attack... Industrial Song
FRR 7 Techno Song
160 BPM Acid Miscellaneous Song
korg sx 320kbps 44100Hz Miscellaneous Song
Re-Birth Acid Tune Techno Song
Acid Jungle DnB Drum N Bass Song
Discharge.. Miscellaneous Song
VALVE. Techno Song
Sun Rise After Storm Techno Song
ACID TUNE 97976906 Techno Song
Silent ...mp3 Miscellaneous Song
Industrial - Acid Industrial Song
Abstract - Acid - DnB Miscellaneous Song
Caffeine Free Industrial Song
DnB Execution - 2.18mins.mp3 Drum N Bass Song
Pain of Death Miscellaneous Song
Vortech - 2.15mins Industrial Song
korg sx 4th Jam Techno Song
A Tunnel to your DEATH Miscellaneous Song
Electro Wave - 2.43mins New Wave Song
Break Beats + Acid - 3.17mins Industrial Song
Ambient.. Industrial Song
Acid-Fusion Techno Song
Warpped MinD Industrial Song